OCA Events

Coram Day

Coram Day is arranged by Coram Family and is open to Old Boys and Girls of the Foundling Hospital / Thomas Coram School, members of their immediate families, former foster children past and present, members of the OCA and Governors of Coram Family.
Invitations will be sent out by Coram Family early May. If you know of anyone who is eligible to attend this function please contact the Secretary of the Old Coram Association.

Annual General Meeting

The Annual General Meeting of the OCA is held on Coram Day in Gregory House. Non-members of the OCA may attend the meeting but may not participate in the proceedings.

Charter Day

Charter Day is arranged by the OCA and celebrates the granting of the Royal Charter by George II to Captain Thomas Coram for the establishment of the Foundling Hospital.
Members of the OCA receive invitations for Charter Day in August/September and an appropriate charge is made for lunch.

Carol Service & Christmas Party

Carol Service & Christmas Party is arranged by the OCA. This is always a wonderful event and we encourage members to bring their children and grandchildren. Full details are sent to members early in November.

Visit to Ashlyns School, Berkhamsted

Members of the OCA, at the invitation of the Headmaster, visit Ashlyns School (formally the Foundling Hospital School) every two or three years. This is an opportunity for former pupils of the Foundling Hospital, their families and guests to look over the school. Invitations are sent to members at the appropriate time.