Captain Thomas Coram
Captain Coram
Thomas Coram Statue
Foundling Hospital Plans
Foundling Hospital Crest
Royal Charter
Foundling Tokens
Receipt for leaving a Child

The Infants Lawn
Lining-Up to go Home
Old Colonnades
The Sand Pit
The Afternoon Nap
 The Anti-Litter Band
The Boxing Ring
Football on the Foundling Site

1st Charter Day Dinner
Foundling Hospital
Duchess of York opens
Foundling Playground
Court Room
Foundling Hospital
Foundling Fields Coin
Thomas Coram Bust
Boys Marching
40 Brunswick Square
Choir Boys
Old London Map
Boys queuing for Dinner
Ashlyns, Berkhamsted
Ashlyns, Aerial Photo
Ashlyns, Aerial Photo
Boys Dormatory
Boys in Uniform
Boys Marching Band
Interior of Chapel
Children at Berkhamsted
Foundling Hospital, Redhill
Foundling Hospital, London
1871 Map of Foundling Hospital
Foundling Hospital c.1925
Foundling Hospital, Berkhamsted
Foundling Girls
Foundling Hospital
Staircase in the Foundling Hospital
Foundling Girls Exercising
Foundling Girls Singing
Nursery Classroom
Foundling Hospital
Rosa Branson Painting
Balloting for Admission
Front of Foundling Hospital
Foundling Hospital Camp
Hogarth's Studio
Learning Carols
Mixing the Pudding
Putting up the Decorations
Day Trip to Circus
Christmas Carol Singers
Foundling Site Appeal
Foundling Hospital, Westside
Redhill, Surrey
Picture Post 1941
March of the Guards to Finchley
Children at Lesson
Redhill, Surrey
Picture Post

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